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Black Anomalies 2 – Joseph C. Philips

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We all know that cookies and milk, and peanut butter and jelly are fine examples of things that were made for each other, but there is also that curious phenomenon in which two things just don’t work together. Hot cooking oil and water simply do not mix. Superman and kryptonite is a match made in Hell. Going to Universal Studios Hollywood and having fun is an example of two things that never occur simultaneously.

Now presumably “African American” and “Conservative” are contradictory concepts, but our next Black Anomaly has somehow managed to unite the two concepts in his one person, making him fully African American and fully Conservative.

His name is Joseph C. Philips. You may know him as Lt. Martin Kendall from The Cosby Show, Attorney Justus Ward from the popular soap General Hospital, or as JT Morse on the Fox series Vanish. Or you may know him for his roles in the movies Strictly Business, Let’s Talk About Sex, or Midnight Blue. He’s also made appearances on C.S.I., Las Vegas, The King of Queens, Popular, V.I.P., and Living Single among others. But most recently, in addition to writing essays, he’s managed to write a book in which he boldly speaks his mind regarding important issue like politics, family, and religion.

Now, not only does Philips hold “white” conservative views, but apparently he talks like a white boy too. In fact, He talk like a White Boy is the name of his book! Years ago while Philips was still in junior high school one of his peers commented on his speech: “He talk like a white boy!” the little girl exclaimed to their class after Philips had finished answering their teacher’s question. This ailment of his, so eloquently pointed out by his 7th grade classmate, has stayed with him since. Only now, not only does he talk like a white boy, but he holds conservative views which are often taken as antithetical to the Black community. If ever there was a glitch in the matrix Joseph C. Philips is it and this makes him my second Black Anomaly!


Written by Tim

February 19, 2009 at 3:30 pm

Black Anomalies 1 – Cullen Jones

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I can remember doing swim qualification in boot camp for the Marine Corps. The qualification levels ranked from class 4 to class 1 (and a rarely obtained class that was above class 1).  Our task was to achieve the highest qualification we could.  Well, I made it to class 3…barely.  Since I felt confident in my achievement I thought I could make class 2 as well.  Boy was I wrong. The first part of class 2 required that a recruit swim nearly the entire length of the pool on their back, in full gear while carrying a rubber rifle. I tried, but it wasn’t happening.  I swam for all of three meters before giving up.  It wasn’t that I didn’t want to do it; I did–every part of me wanted to make it–it was just that my body didn’t seem to work correctly.  My legs sank, my arms worked overtime, and I moved with all the style and grace of a monkey trying to peel a frozen banana. I tried desperately to move somewhere, but despite my best efforts I got nowhere.  This brings us naturally enough to that dreaded stereotype: Blacks can’t swim.  Much like the notions that white men can’t Jump, and Asians are phenomenal at math, this stereotype is as persistent as they come.

Well, apparently our first black anomaly didn’t know about this.

Cullen Jones

Cullen Jones is the first African American to share in a world record setting swim relay, and is just one of three African Americans to make the Olympic swim team. His official site list him as the “first African-American Male to win a Gold Medal at the World University Games,” the “first African American to break a world record in swimming in an Olympic contested event” and “the second African-American in history to win an Olympic Gold medal in swimming.”  One thing’s for sure, Cullen Jones apparently didn’t know that African Americans can’t swim, and this makes Cullen Jones my first Black Anomaly.  Bravo Cullen Jones!

Written by Tim

February 10, 2009 at 4:32 pm

Black History Month

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It’s Black History Month and I thought I’d make my own contribution Tim Style!  Since I can be considered somewhat of an anomaly within the black community (i.e. some say I don’t act in the typical “black” fashion…whatever that means) I figured I’d pay homage to the lesser known black “anomalies” within the black community.  So for the month of February I will highlight the lives of important black folks who are, nevertheless, glitches in the system. I hope you enjoy the series!


Written by Tim

February 10, 2009 at 3:34 pm